Point of Sale for Hardgood Stores

Keeping your hardgoods store operations profitable entails understanding your business and knowing how to stay lean, monitor fast-moving items and implement cost-effective business processes and relationships. You also need the power to serve your needs and that of your customers — whether one is responding to special orders or simply processing complex transactions at the POS station.

Our hardgood POS software provides hardgoods store retailers the right business tools to help compete effectively in an ever-changing and demanding marketplace.

Easy to install and use, this flexible, affordable hardgood POS software solution helps effectively manage all aspects of your store’s inventory.

Among other things, with our hardgood POS software solutions you can:

  • Manage a large range of inventory items — with ease. Keep track of every item — from hardware, kitchenware, small appliances to consumer electronics and anything in between. Understanding specific merchandise requirements, one can easily track and manage hardgoods, serial numbers and non-inventory related items. Better buying decisions can be made based on accurate inventory records.
  • Customers and employees are kept happy with fast item lookups. Speed in the checkout process and delivering better and improved customer service is easily achievable.
solutions for hardgood stores


Check-out your customers quicker and easier.