An Efficient and Profitable Solution

iVend POS is fast, dependable and powerful Point Of Sale application with an easy to use keyboard or touch-screen operated user interface. iVend POS makes transactions processing error free and easy to manage and execute.

iVend POS is the execution point for configurations done at the head office which include pricing, discounts, promotions, tender types, layaways, and returns and can be configured as Terminal POS and Mobile POS.

iVend POS provides you with these benefits:

android and apple mobility products
  • Effective inventory and merchandise planning removing over stock and under stock situations
  • Control mechanisms to reduce theft at stores
  • Integrated Loyalty Management Application
  • Built-in Gift Card functionality
  • Flexible promotions setup
  • Bust the queues while enhancing shopping experience
  • Reduction in out-of-stock situations
  • Improving product availability
  • Reducing time to count inventory
  • Faster check out time at POS


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iVend Mobile POS

ivend mobile clouds

The Future of Retail

iVend Mobile POS operates on a handheld device like an iPhone or iPad or select models of Android tablets and can be configured as an in-store POS connecting to the store server over a WiFi connection. When used outside the store, iVend Mobile POS can either connect to the store server OR can directly connect to the enterprise server at the home office. Mobile POS brings the power and effectiveness of a traditional POS to a mobile device and helps retailers enhance customer experience, maximize the real estate in-store and enhance the retail footprint by integrating directly to the enterprise server.


iVend eCommerce is an eCommerce and mCommerce platform allowing retailers to offer their products on the web. With its seamless integration with iVend Retail, shoppers can conduct their business on the web in the same way as is done at the physical store – imparting customers a unified experience – where they have access to all products, images, promotions and offers. This application is not limited to retail and can be extensively used in industries like manufacturing or wholesale, for listing their products and services online on the Internet.


  • Completely integrated retail solution for retailers with bricks and mortar stores as well as online stores
  • Unified system for easier manageability – define promotions in one system and activate whenever required
  • Enhanced shopper experience – buy online and pick up from a store
  • Accurate inventory management with integrated systems
  • Faster analysis for greater agility – slow moving stock in stores can be positioned online with customised promotions.
iVend Integrated Retail
iVend Loyalty

iVend Loyalty is a points and rewards management application, designed to significantly improve customer retention by bringing them continuously back and improving customer satisfaction levels. iVend Loyalty is seamlessly integrated with iVend Retail and can integrate with any business management or retail application using its APIs. Flexible loyalty plans with multiple redemption features make iVend Loyalty an imperative solution not only for the retail industry, but also for non-consumer industries like manufacturing and non-profit organizations.


  • Gain complete insight into customer behavior and improve retention through standard series of reports
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Not dependent on “always connected” Internet
  • Flexible & configurable loyalty plans to address unique business situations
  • Adapts to evolving business dynamics


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iVend Passes

iVend Passes is a cloud based application that allows retailers to deploy digital passes for Apple Passbooks and Android smartphones seamlessly at their point of sale. iVend Passes removes the technical challenge so you can engage your customers with digital loyalty cards, digital coupons or digital gift cards to increase your consumer engagement. Build your pass template for your targeted customer base, create a pass at Point of Sale (POS terminal) and send passes to all your customers without the hassle of a custom mobile application.


  • Always updated
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Better insight into customer
  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • A greener alternative to paper and plastic
  • No misuse
ivend loyalty
iVend Analytics

In addition to the built-in report writer in iVend Retail, iVend Analytics is a set of pre-packaged, shrink-wrapped business intelligence dashboards for the retail industry. iVend Analytics seamlessly integrates into iVend Retail and leverages transactional data of the retail environment to generate context-specific detailed insight which is functional and actionable. Retail specific intuitive dashboards provide strategic and tactical insights for faster and effective decision-making. iVend Analytics runs on any browser, iPhone/iPad or any Android device.


  • User-centric interactivity: Pre-built template with industry-standard KPIs and focused analytics for business discovery
  • Rapid time-to-value: Fast deployment and configuration with your ERP infrastructure
  • Access to business data – from anywhere on the desktop or on mobile devices
ivend analytics