Your Customer has a Name 100% of the Time

The rules for customer engagement underscore that retail engagement is a conversation between the customer and retailer that enables discovery and fulfilling the needs of someone who has come to you because you promise to deliver what they seek. Your customer engagement should be about your customers’ needs and interests, whether the engagement initiated in your brick and mortar store or responding to customers who initiate the conversation online. Retailers who adopt these axioms, who enculturate their retail company with the spirit of these rules and practice them diligently will ensure an impactful shopping experience for their customers:

  • Origination: Sharing responsibility for engagement initiation
  • Channel: Allowing customers to dictate where engagement occurs
  • Nurturement: Engaging customers along every point in the purchase cycle
  • Intent: Having a clear purpose for every interaction with your customers
  • Humanness: Engaging with heart, not mechanics

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