Expand the functionality of Retail Pro 9 with
RIS Custom Apps.

Retail Pro has been designed with the goal of supporting a retailer’s every need. Its robust API provides an architectural foundation that lends itself well to adaptation.

That’s why we have designed a variety of Retail Pro apps to help you manage your business better. Our team of custom developers can design an app specific to the needs of your business, or you can use the V8 and V9 apps we’ve designed for other customers, even Retail Pro!

Check out our list of apps below. Don’t see what you need? Ask us about custom apps today!

custom apps


ez age checker

EZ Age Check allows the sales associate to validate the age of a customer quickly, using the customers driver’s license. The driver’s license is scanned into a magnetic stripe reader or 2D barcode reader and EZ Age lookup displays whether the user is over or under 18 and 21.

customer list manager

The Customer List Manager App is an easy way to export customers from Retail Pro®. There is a large number of criteria that can be used to export customers, for example, items that were purchased, total purchase amount, items purchased from specific vendors and more. The exported file format can be modified through the program options. The file can also be automatically transferred to an FTP site such as a marketing mailer web tool.

polling monitor

The Polling Monitor App is a utility that alerts the Retail Pro user of particular events that occur during polling cycles between Retail Pro® stations. These events fall into two categories: processing errors and missing confirmations. The polling monitor will alert the user via email or with a message pop up window.

advanced discounting

Price lists allow you to add any inventory item to a list which is then assigned to the customer in Retail Pro®; the customer receives these items with the specified price in receipts. The Quantity Discounts and Promos App allows you to define promos based on item number and date and quantity discounts based on department, size, and quantity on receipt.

This App allows you to define 3 types of discounts:

email customer button

The Email Customer Button App adds a button to the customer screen that allows you to send an email to the customer. The app also validates the email so if it is incorrect (missing @ symbol, missing “.com,” or “.net”, etc.) it will notify the user.

check voucher items

This app is non-visual and activates when you update a voucher.

The app offers these 3 features

trafsys link

This RIS Retail Pro® app links Retail Pro® to Traf-Sys by reading sales data by the hour and exporting an xml file to the Traf-Sys service with the data.

fintech export

Fintech provides invoice and payment solutions for alcohol distributors and retailers. The Fintech export app sends distributors order information to be processed automatically.

biometric authentication

The RIS Retail Pro® Biometric Authentication App allows employees to log in to Retail Pro® or check in and out using the cost-effective Digital Personal Fingerprint Reader.

swap vendor

The Swap Vendor App will replace one vendor code on all active purchase orders of the specified store with another vendor code of the user’s choice.

bins and buckets

Bins and Buckets in Retail Pro® V9 can be used to segment customers based on specific criteria such as total sales volume and purchases from specific departments. The Bin Bucket App creates a comma delimited file (CSV) from any V9 customer bin or bucket. The CSV File contains the customers’ first name, last name, and email address.

ez swipe v8

The EZSwipe App for V8 allows the associate to scan a driver’s license to retrieve customer information. If the customer already has a profile, it will be retrieved and addet on the receipt, if the customer is new, the information will be added as a new record in Retail Pro®.

prompt zero price

When an Item is added, or tender screen is entered, this app will prompt the user if any item has a zero price.

pick tickets

Pick Tickets is a custom report printed from the sales order screen. This app prints a custom report of the items on the sales order. Pick Tickets can be customized per user and include custom sorting and design.

auto break case

The Auto Break Case app provides the user with a prompt that allows them to break down an item from a master pack to a case and also to an individual item by changing the item numbers on a voucher and updating inventory with the correct quantities at that time. The app identifies identical items within the same style that have a case quantity specified (in Aux1 field) of 4, 6, 12, 24, or 48. The app then allows you to break one of the larger cases into a number of smaller cases by increasing the child item count by the case quantity field of the parent item. The parent item count is decreased by one in inventory. The child items can then be received on the voucher.

warm beer discount

This app discounts warm beer items by one dollar if they are manually selected in a grid for this discount. The description field is then set to say “Warm Beer.” For an item to be eligible for a warm beer discount, the Aux 6 field has to equal “Y” to denote that the item is a type that can receive this discount.

v9 inventory import

The V9 Inventory Import App allows you to import inventory from a CSV file. The V9 Inventory Import App also allows you to do mass updates to items based on either the UPC or ALU as a key.

coupon print exporter

The Coupon Print Exporter App allows you to print coupons associated with certain items purchased. The coupons must be defined in a configuration program which allows you to specify which coupons print when specific items are sold. Items can be identified by item number, item number range, or DCS (wildcards supported). A separate printer may also be used for coupons if necessary.

simple customer exporter

This app exports customer first name, last name, and email address to a comma delimited file (CSV) starting from customers created on the date specified and the store specified.

ez lookup v9

The EZlookup App for V9 allows the associate to scan a driver’s license to retrieve customer information. The plugin also allows the associate to do a white pages lookup for the customer information based on a home phone number. If the customer already has a profile, it will be retrieved and added to the receipt. If the customer is new, the information will be added as a new record in Retail Pro®.

print checkin and checkout

This app automatically prints a receipt with the user name, date and time when the user checks in and checks out.

clear voucher items

This app adds a button to the voucher screen that clears all items on the voucher, deleting all items in one click.

information reports

Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) pays alcoholic beverage retailers for their sales data. This app exports sales data to IRI automatically. The program can be scheduled to run nightly or weekly depending on IRI’s requirements.