The ultimate inventory tracking solution

The RFID system uses radio wave technology to ensure that retail merchandise is exactly where it is supposed to be every time. Used in companies like Walmart, Target and Dillard’s, the RFID system can adapt to any retail environment to provide significantly more accurate inventory, resulting in happier customers and reduced expenses.


The unique tag designs of RFID allow for an easy to read visual representation of merchandise in real time in user friendly software. Use of the handheld version allow employees to quickly hone in on the perfect item for a customer. Full integration with Retail Pro creates a powerful combination of POS wait time reduction, inventory accuracy improvement, and increased sales.


Speed up checkout, increase revenue, and reduce shrink with RFID

The RFID system syncs with Retail Pro at checkout to provide a fast and accurate point of sale experience. RFID is the ultimate inventory solution throughout retail stores. The system supports all aspects of the back stock and sales floor through receiving, sales, store transfers, inventory management, and replenishment.

Fully integrated to Retail Pro

Our RFID system is the only one developed specifically for Retail Pro users. It comes fully integrated, allowing you to simplify both your inventory tracking and checkout. Just wave the items over the POS reader, and they scan into Retail Pro!

With RFID, inventory management is a breeze

With hands free live readers, your inventory is at your fingertips. No more long nights trying to scan every item in the store. With RFID, your inventory is constantly being scanned and shown in the online portal. Our system lets you check anytime, from anywhere.

With RFID, you can focus on what matters most: your customers

What do you get when you combine

  • Improved accuracy
  • Inventory management
  • Theft detection
  • Inter-store tracking

A happy customer! With RFID taking the work out of the heavy tasks, it frees up more time for what is important to you: customer interaction.

RFID allows for up to 99% inventory accuracy

At any point in time, the average retailer has accurate information on only 35% of their merchandise¹. How can anybody make good decisions about their inventory when their count is off on over half their items? With RFID constant scanning, you can have over 99% accuracy, so you can order with peace of mind.

Notification Icon for RFID Solution at RIS

With RFID, you can stay on top of things before problems form. You get real time notifications about

  • Missing Assets
  • Receiving Concerns
  • Misplaced Assets
  • Replenishment
Security Button for Theft Prevention for RFID at RIS

Exit sensors put above doors can communicate with Retail Pro to ensure that every item leaving your store has been checked out by receiving or a cashier.

Unique identifiers on every RFID tag let you know exactly which items are going out the door. No more guessing what was taken – just look at the itemized list in your online portal.

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