Targeted Reach Through SMS Marketing and Email

Instantly engage your customers and create a sense of urgency with targeted marketing.

SMS Marketing

Explore the ‘Always Connected’ option of staying in touch with your customers on the device they use all the time – their mobile phone — with OptCulture SMS Marketing. RIS partners with Optculture to bring you a service that allows you to reach your customers quickly and effectively, and track and measure the response it generates at your store in real-time.

Whether you set up a response for when the customer opts in via SMS or are sending out a broadcast about the week’s sale, SMS is the best way to reach your customers. Statistics show most people read text messages within four minutes of receiving a text, and open and response rates are much higher than email. Create a sense of urgency by running SMS promotions for shorter time spans, and drive traffic to your store during slower times or when you are running promotions .

Adding an SMS call-to-action to a print ad, TV commercial, or billboard gives you a unique way to track the response to these ads. Our system keeps track of the number of SMS responses generated from these ads, giving you statistics on the reach of your traditional ads. In addition, any SMS promo codes redeemed in-store are tracked, instantly giving you reports on revenue generated and number of promotional codes redeemed.

Digital Receipts

Maximize the potential use of what you give by default to each customer after every purchase, their receipts, with OptCulture Digital Receipts. This richly branded environment-friendly medium allows you to personalize the information that appears on each receipt. Additionally, it enables transaction information to go social or online.

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Contact Management

Imagine all your contacts in sync – across POS terminals, eCommerce systems, mailing lists, contact lists – and in one place! Derive insights, segment with intuitive slice-and-dice tools, evaluate customer relationship statuses, and honor their communication preferences with the utmost ease, with features that will help your marketing team focus more on communication and interactive design than on complex spreadsheets and sifting through contact data.

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