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When selecting an integrated POS solution, not only are you assessing how well the features and benefits address the specific needs of your retail business, but you are also considering the vendor’s reputation, financial well-being, and reviews from existing customers using the solution. All of these situations can help you determine what will be the best investment for today and into the future.

Equally important is the relationship you have with the reseller. One of the main reasons our customers give when asked why they chose RIS as their partner is our award-winning technical support. When you work with RIS, you will be fully supported by a team whose functional and technical expertise, combined with their hands-on experience, ensures you will receive the most effective, efficient and professional service. Our team’s rich knowledge of the technology and the retail industry is just part of the reason why RIS has consistently received the Excellence in Service accolade from Retail Pro at their annual Global Conference.

When you partner with RIS, you are getting award-winning support through our staff of experts enhanced by these offerings:

  • Software Assurance

    Retail Pro’s Software Assurance program gives you access to software updates, expanded features, product enhancements, and more. It provides a complete support system designed to protect and enhance your Retail Pro investment.

  • My Retail Pro

    The My Retail Pro customer portal is your gateway to technical documentation, user guides, and knowledgebase article libraries. Here you will also find hundreds of Retail Pro training videos, so you can explore the world of Retail Pro anytime and anyplace you have an internet connection. Retail Pro TV videos are organized into cohesive categories allowing you to quickly find the information you’re looking for and advance from one subject to the next.

  • Emergency Service

    Retail Information Systems offers 24/7/365 days emergency technical support. Whether you have a support contract or not, we’re here to help.
    Simply call our Support Hotline 800.347.3020. Our ETS services are billed at $250/hour in 15 minute increments.


Just as no two retail businesses are exactly alike, nor are their training needs. Whether you are ramping up a large sales and management team, or training a trainer or a few end users, Retail Information Systems can customize a program to fit your needs and your budget to improve your Retail Pro competency. We offer customized onsite training led training by a Retail Pro veteran as well as onsite training for enterprise clients. Training areas range from Retail Pro basics to advanced use of specific Retail Pro capabilities.


Retail Information Systems offers retail planning and business solutions for retailers of all sizes and specialties. We are affiliated with Management One®, offering affordable guidance through customized planning and open to buy services to our clients.

Management One® serves independent specialty retailers, wholesalers, and vendors by guiding them in optimizing inventory and cash through effective merchandise planning. Management One®’s skill and expertise is in accurately forecasting sales and applying the correct stock to sales ratio to identify the right flow and balance in inventory for each location. Retailers who buy to achieve greater GMROI generate more cash, sales, and profit. Retailers working with Management One® have seen significant growth and return on investment since 1990 when the company was started.

A few of the services we offer include:
  • Profit Potential Analysis: provides three different scenarios to improve performance and achieve your goals.
  • Break-Even Analysis: a summary of all your financial data that pinpoints the time period where you break even and start to make money.
  • Open to Buy: a dynamic cash flow management tool that helps you flow your receipts and achieve the most out of your investment. It’s a personalized tool to review sales, receipts, markdown inventory and freshness factor. It includes category reviews, reports, and analysis that assess every aspect of your business.
  • Proprietary Planning Forecasting System: uses data and analysis to forecast your financial plan. It’s an interactive and custom financial planning system that takes a close look at our clients’ business and offers plans specific to their needs.


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