The Next Generation of Point of Sale Software

Featuring a fully customizable User Interface (UI) that is intuitive, easy-to-use, and adaptable to any specialty business, Retail Pro products have long been known for their agility. Through years of research and development, the UI has been designed to work with your business process, helping you maximize each user’s efficiency and productivity while increasing customer satisfaction. With Retail Pro Prism™ we took it one step further.

Retail Pro Prism can be accessed using any popular web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. Built upon a thin-client architecture, Retail Pro Prism can depend on a centralized, organizational structure. Easily deployable with low demands on hardware and infrastructure, Retail Pro Prism can be seamlessly integrated with existing Retail Pro V9. What’s more, Retail Pro Prism utilizes a scriptable XML/CSS user interface giving you more control and flexibility over tailoring the product to fit your unique business needs, processes, and brand.


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Freedom to Choose your Database

One of the driving goals behind Retail Pro Prism is to provide the ultimate flexibility with regard to how your retail data is housed and managed.

Retail Pro Prism was designed to harness the power of three leading industry database platforms – Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL – giving you the choice to select the database technology that best fits your environment and budget. Further delivering on the promise of ultimate flexibility, Retail Pro Prism also allows for customization of your database to suit integrations and customizations. With Prism, you have the control over how your retail data is stored and used. It was designed to fit your needs today and as your business grows.

Configure your Systems Workflow to Best Suit your Unique Business

Offering a dynamic POS solution, Retail Pro Prism provides features that reduce human error and improve efficiency at the store level – from sales, to customer management, to security. It’s easy to create custom workflows exactly the way you want them. Utilizing industry standard scripting capabilities, Retail Pro Prism gives you the flexibility to address any of your specific business needs without the investment in custom development.

With customer management features that allow you to create and manage robust customer details, Retail Pro Prism also offers a wide range of options for tracking and retaining your valued customers’ interactions. An unlimited number of user-defined fields are available to track miscellaneous customer details, including size, favorite color, favorite brand, and birthday in addition to purchase history. Plus, you can easily find customers by name, phone, company or miscellaneous information such as a loyalty card or driver’s license.

Keep your Customers’ Sensitive Payment Information Safe and Secure

Perhaps most vital to retailers and customers alike in today’s world of security breaches, you will be able to assure your customers that their payment details are not vulnerable to outside or inside betrayals.

Retail Pro Prism features the latest in electronic funds transfer (EFT) security. End-to-end encryption takes advantage of the EFT hardware which encapsulates the sensitive payment information and encrypts these details before transmitting them from the lane, keeping the customer’s sensitive payment information protected not just from potential internet hackers, but from your own internal security setup.

In addition to the predefined security groups within Retail Pro Prism, you can create an unlimited number of user-defined security groups that control user access to specific areas, functions, and processes. Through biometric interfaces for login practices you can ensure your employees are using the appropriate security roles that assure the correct commission levels are assigned and rewarded appropriately for each completed sale.



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