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Welcome to the Age of Me-tail

It is no secret that consumers are using mobile and other channels as part of their shopping experience. The question is, are you ready? If you’re like most small to mid-size retailers, the answer is “probably not,” or “we are making some strides.” Perhaps you’ve made some progress with integrating your store and your eCommerce offerings, but for a truly integrated omni- or cross-channel experience, you need to have a partner who will understand your business, your customers and can help you navigate through the myriad options to create a seamless buying experience that is as valuable to your customers as it is to you. We are here to help.

While there are many more varietals of Me-tailers than those depicted here, the most common personas that you need to cater to are:

How do you help this Me-tailer?
  • Accept in-store returns without hefty (or any) restocking fees
  • Ensure the return experience is positive and swift
  • Leverage this visit as a new sale opportunity
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“I don’t have time to run around town to find that perfect black dress, so usually I’ll buy 10 online, keep what I like and return the rest to the store.”
How do you help this Me-tailer?
  • Offer the flexibility to pay online and pick up in store and take advantage this customer’s need to touch, feel and try before they buy.
  • Create an endless aisle by linking inventory from eCommerce and in-store operations with your suppliers to ensure you will always have the right item.
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Hybrid Haggler
“I did my research online but needed to make sure the fit was right, so I found the best price online and my local store matched it.”
How do you help this Me-tailer?
  • Create rich customer profiles based on purchase history.
  • Gain opt-in for a loyalty program via email or mobile device.
  • Push special offers, discounts and marketing promotions that are personalized and time-sensitive.
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Coupon Queen
“I won’t buy anything these days unless it’s on sale or I have a coupon…and when I’m in a store I love having them right on my phone!”
How do you help this Me-tailer?
  • Ensure you are equipped with state-of-the-art payment processing services that enable access to optional tools and improved ways for you to do business.
  • Accept Apple Pay®, Google Wallet & credit payments.
  • Be EMV-ready to better protect your customer’s security as well as your own liability for fraudulent purchases.
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Technology Trend Setter
“I just got a new phone and now I can use it to pay for things instead of carrying around a bulky wallet or purse when I shop. I love the freedom of using it and just wish there were more places where I could!”


One Size Does Not Fit All

Just as specialty retail businesses cannot thrive on one-size-fits-all selection, neither can the future growth occur if you are focused on preserving the status quo. To a retailer that not only means not only merchandising, staying on top of current or emerging trends or brands, and promoting your business, but it really means being tuned in to the needs of the customer. You have to be customer-focused in everything that you do, and that means knowing how they like to shop, when they like to shop and where. We have coined this new customer-centric model Me-tail®.

*OmniChannel Products


Flexible, “future-proof” payment solutions for a unified customer experience

As a value added reseller and trusted partner, Retail Information Systems (RIS) offers a portfolio of products that ensure our clients – and your customers – enjoy a holistic experience at the point of sale. An integral part of the payment experience for your customer is enabling multiple, secure processing options, including mobile payments, and for you, being prepared for EMV.



Creative solutions to complex problems through integrations and apps.

As a creative company oriented to innovative approaches to solving problems, Retail Information Systems (RIS) actively looks for ways to extend retail point of sale technology offerings through our in-house development team, third-party products and partnerships. From migrating retail customers from their legacy POS applications with replication, data migration and transformation services to developing customized programs to integrate warehouse management systems (WMS) and ERP systems or enhancements to improve process workflows and reporting, we have been providing unique retail solutions that enable breakthrough business efficiencies for our valued customers. RIS has helped City Gear integrate Retail Pro to its WMS system to drive efficiencies and productivity for this high-growth customer.

With the ‘store of the future’ already leveraging a variety of empowering technologies to improve the customer experience, we are now turning to RFID technology to empower store owners. For example, to help American Apparel to leverage the power of RFID, we are taking line busting to the next level with the concept of Full Basket Checkout, enabling all items to forego the individual scanning process and utilize the check stand RFID reader to scan the entire basket in one fell swoop — quickly and without error.

RIS has been developing integrated retail solutions for Retail Pro through customized extensions, or apps, that expand the functionality of your point of sale system and significantly improve processes and business efficiency. To learn more and browse the RIS Custom App Catalog for Retail Pro, use the button below or contact us.

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