Retail Pro 9

Complete retail management software designed for specialty retailers.

Retail Pro provides retail software for point of sale and retail management that helps retailers around the world operate more effectively, with a greater return on their technology investment. Widely known for its impressive scalability and adaptability, the Retail Pro retail software suite consists of point of sale, store operations, merchandising, inventory control, payment solutions, business intelligence and the list goes on.

Retail Pro’s powerful point of sale and back office features include a flexible easy to customize user interface and work flow, enhanced inventory management and purchase ordering features, tight integration with sophisticated payment solutions, and a seamless interface for our Retail Business Intelligence module.

Simplify operations, increase revenue, and reduce costs with Retail Pro.

Retail Pro includes the essential store system modules to manage your entire store. Retail Pro is the premier retail store management system with integrated POS and back-office functions. The system supports the simplified operations of the entire store through receiving, sales, inventory management, and replenishment. Role-based security ensures that access to specific functionality is limited to the appropriate levels.


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Inventory Management Features

  • Real-time view of inventory levels
  • Stock balancing
  • Inter-store transfers
  • In-transit inventory monitoring
  • Auto-transfer recommendation
  • Efficient physical inventory counts
  • Lot/serial number tracking
  • Item/style performance tracking

Receiving Features

  • One-step receiving
  • ASN support
  • Automatic inventory update

Store Replenishment Features

  • Automatic Min/Max calculation
  • Automated order generation
  • Auto-allocation of inventory

Employee Management Features

  • Sales performance/productivity reporting
  • Cashier tracking
  • Effectively manage salaries
  • Commissions
  • Time and Attendance
  • Sales targeting

Inventory Management Advantages

  • Prevent over-ordering
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Increase sales
  • Optimize the merchandise mix
  • Avoid duplicate orders
  • Maintain inventory stock of fast moving items
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Decrease administrative costs

Receiving Advantages

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Ensure access to timely data
  • Enable better ordering decisions

Store Replenishment Advantages

  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Increase sales
  • Decrease administration costs
  • Reduce out-of-stocks

Employee Management Advantages

  • Raise employee satisfaction
  • Reduce administration time and costs
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Improve employee operations security


Retail Information Systems (RIS) specializes in creating Retail Pro® Apps, or product extensions, that add functionality to Retail Pro®.

Enhance your business with custom apps and reports.



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World Class Intuitive User Interface

Retail Pro point of sale software provides the ultimate flexibility to meet your business needs, growing with you, the way you like to do business. Unlike ordinary retail point of sale software, Retail Pro adapts to meet the needs of virtually any retail operation – saving time, money and lost productivity with its ease of use. Employee turnover becomes less of a hassle because Retail Pro is so easy to learn.

Solid Retail Infrastructure and Unlimited Scalable Platform

Retail Pro provides the scalability, stability and reliability you need in mission-critical retail point of sale software. Running on a powerful embedded Oracle database engine, Retail Pro provides a scalable and flexible solution that is cost-effective. The embedded database is self-maintained and requires low administration, so you won’t need a fleet of in-house technicians for maintenance… or a separate budget to pay for it.

Powerful and Extensive Tailoring Tools

Retail Pro includes powerful presentation services tool to manage screens, pages within screens, and field data definitions without the additional burden of programming or customization. This allows the retailer freedom in customizing and replicating screens and transactions to suit your specific needs.

Easily Adaptable Interfaces

The interface manager is extremely flexible and allows the retailer to define the data transformation rules, consolidation rules, and output formats. This flexibility enables retailers to integrate Retail Pro with a wide variety of applications.

A Complete Retail Software Solution

Because Retail Pro is one integrated solution, the positive impact on your business can be tremendous with benefits that include improved revenue, profit, etc. With Retail Pro’s precise inventory management, you’ll increase sales productivity while reducing inventory carrying cost, out-of-stocks, and the need for drastic markdowns due to overbuying. With Retail Pro’s customer management you will develop loyal repeat customers who are happy with their shopping experience, and come back again and again.

Proven Global Experience and Localized in 75 Countries

Proven experience and reliability is why Retail Pro continues to be the leading retail point of sale software throughout the world. Retail Pro offers robust capability second to none in point of sale and store operations, inventory management, retail merchandising and customer management. For years, Retail Pro has been the point of sale system of choice for leading retailers worldwide who require built-in handling of sophisticated multi-currency, local tax and multi-language situations. Tested, scalable, affordable and easy to use, Retail Pro is the intelligent solution for your retail management needs.