Specialty and Boutique POS Solution

The specialty and boutique retail industry is composed of generally small stores that focus their retail selection on a certain range of merchandise which is why these retailers often face the arduous challenge of staying competitive with larger, mass market retail counterparts who offer wider selection options and extremely competitive prices. Specialty retailers also face the challenge of differentiating themselves from the competition in innovative ways, not solely based on competitive prices

The challenge is compounded by pressure to increase revenue from the existing stores and the available in-store infrastructure – be it store design and layout or the POS system itself. The pressure is high to stand out with focused customer service, in-store shopping experience, assortments and pricing, instant suggestions to up sell and cross sell.

Because a specialty retail owner fulfills multiple roles – CFO, buyer, store manager, planner, etc., — it is imperative to have insight to customer information, buying patterns, sales trends, inventory levels, and customer feedback. This information is critical across the business chain for effective inventory planning, optimum in-store stock levels, innovative loyalty schemes, targeted campaigns – all leading to increase in customer footfall and larger ticket size.

Start improving your specialty or boutique business through an integrated, future-proof retail solution that provides:

  • The ability to gather needed information for planning future marketing and merchandising activities, a key essential tool in the world of wine and spirits.
  • The tools to optimize your merchandising environment by taking the guess-work out of the decision making process.
  • An integrated point-of-sale and inventory management system to increase efficiency and dramatically reduce costs, using built-in reporting and analytics.
  • A way to maintain tight control and dramatically reduce shrinkage with security and loss prevention features.
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