Polling Monitor

The Polling Monitor App is a utility that alerts the Retail Pro user of particular events that occur during polling cycles between Retail Pro® stations. These events fall into two categories: processing errors and missing confirmations. The polling monitor will alert the user via email or with a message pop up window.

Coupon Print Exporter

The Coupon Print Exporter App allows you to print coupons associated with certain items purchased. The coupons must be defined in a configuration program which allows you to specify which coupons print when specific items are sold. Items can be identified by Item number, Item number range, or DCS (wildcards supported). A separate printer may…

Customer List Manager App

The Customer List Manager App is an easy way to export customers from Retail Pro®. There is a large number of criteria that can be used to export customers, for example, items that were purchased, total purchase amount, items purchased from specific vendors and more. The exported file format can be modified through the program…

EZ Age Check

EZ Age Check allows the sales associate to validate the age of a customer quickly, using the customers driver’s license. The driver’s license is scanned into a magnetic stripe reader or 2D barcode reader and EZ Age lookup displays whether the user is over or under 18 and 21.